Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles
Kitchen designers and creative homeowners are discovering new ways to create dramatic and beautiful effects in the kitchen. Does your kitchen deserve a makeover? It can be easy and affordable to give this important room a whole new look.
Some homeowners opt for unusual effects, such as creating backsplashes and other wall designs with blackboards or whiteboards, installing windows, or even using textiles to create interest. But by far the most popular way to decorate kitchen walls is by using durable and beautiful tile.
Types of Tile
There are several different kinds of tile that are suitable for kitchen use. Here are the most popular types of tile used today:
  • Glass. Glass tiles are waterproof, available in every colour of the rainbow and reflect light in an intriguing way.
  • Natural stone. Using tiles made of marble, travertine or granite will add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. These tiles can be found in a wide variety of natural colours and patterns. They can withstand water and high temperatures, and are extremely durable.
  • Ceramic. These tiles are made of clay and fired in a kiln. They're finished with a coloured or patterned glaze. Mexican tiles, which are brightly coloured with intricate patterns, are a type of unglazed clay tile.
  • Metal. Metal can give a kitchen a modern feel, but are also suitable for country kitchens. Available in copper, chrome or aluminum, metal tiles feature either a polished or a brushed surface.
  • Porcelain. These tiles are made of pressed porcelain dust, making them denser and stronger than ceramic ones. Finishes include matte, glazed and high polished.
Walls that Pop
By working with elements of the kitchen such as paint colour, appliances and furniture, you can create tile wall designs that reenergize the space. Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Colour. Tiles can create excitement through colour. Using small "subway” ceramic tiles in various colours can give your backsplash or kitchen wall a funky, informal feel. Using natural stone such as granite in a deep blue or iron-red can make a dramatic and elegant impression.
  • Mosaic. Tile mosaics are becoming increasingly popular. Consider designing an image for your backsplash or creating a colourful wave wall with multi-coloured glass. A mosaic is a beautiful way to turn your kitchen into a work of art.
  • Mix and Match. Some designers use different types or sizes of tile to create contrast. For example, you might want to use large porcelain tiles to cover most of your backsplash and counter wall, while adding a stripe of smaller porcelain tiles in a contrasting colour to make the wall unique.
  • Patterns. Some tiles boast patterning of various kinds. Mexican tiles are painted with vivid designs. Laser cut tiles are cut into precise shapes which create a large and intricate pattern when installed.
  • Diagonal. One way to draw attention is to use standard tiles, but to install them diagonally rather than horizontally. Some designers will tile most of the wall on the horizontal, but will install a key section on the diagonal.
  • Shapes. Tiles now come in a variety of shapes, such as hexagonal, arabesque or even elongated ovals. Natural stone tiles are often shaped like bricks, which can lend your kitchen a rustic atmosphere.
Revitalize your kitchen – explore the beauty of tile today.